Stone Chimney Problem

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Recently purchased a 2 family property in upstate New York and got the news from a chimney specialist that the stone chimney may not be worth saving. It was built in 1930 and the chimney is pulling away from the structure. It seems the stone tiles on the inside were laid without the correct mortar and it was not kept up by the previous owner. Curious if anyone has dealt with this and what the process has been like for you? I'm relatively sure it's going to be less expensive to remove the chimney and build out the exterior wall. I'm meeting with a contractor to explore options next week.

Additionally, are there any fireplace alternatives that folks love? I was really looking forward to having a fireplace. 

@SallyCade Holmes if the chimney is pulling away frim the house it most likely is because of chimney footing settling. Near impossible to fix.

I have torn down at least one of these in this situation.

If asthetics are of no concern you coumd put a gas fireplace in that is vented out the side.

@SallyCade Holmes I has a chimney issue this past year at one of muy properties and put in a gas insert.  That worked well.  However, if the full structure has been compromised, you may have to remove the entire chimney.

Thanks, @Waylon Zook . Curious how much the removal cost? Trying to get a ballpark. Aesthetics are a concern of mine, but I'm curious about the gas fireplace with a side vent... does that mean that it would have some alternative venting mechanism to a chimney? Would love any more information that you have!

Thanks, @Whitney Hutten ! That's great intel. Have you heard of any fireplace solutions post-chimney removal?