STVR Management Kissimmee/Disney

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Hi There,

Honing in on purchasing a short term vacation rental at Windsor Hills, Storey Lake or Paradise Palms in Kissimmee/Disney area. Will be managing out of state. 

Have a few questions and hoping someone on here can help.

I’m pretty confident that I can manage the bookings but not confident in hiring solid housekeeping, maintenance, someone to keep an eye on the house. I see the benefits of having a property manager and their connections but also not sure we will break even if head that route.

Could anyone recommend a bookings software they use to manage properties?

Any recommendations on where to start looking for housekeeping, someone to keep an eye on the house/maintenance? Are their companies who provide that minus the bookings? 

Or lastly, can anyone recommend property management that’s exceptional and priced fairly.

thanks in advance for your help.