What to look for in an REI group

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Hello everyone,
The purpose for this topic is because I am currently looking at getting myself involved with a local REI team (Inland Empire) and am curious as to what I should expect; or perhaps a checklist of things to look for and things to avoid. I have zero real estate experience, and my goal is to perhaps shadow an investor(s) and see if this is really what I want to be involved with, and of course learn. I don't know how realistic of an opportunity it is to become an apprentice of some sort, if I should expect a monetary cost for doing such, or what's involved.
So what kind of things should be at the top of my list when considering being involved?

Hi Trevor,

I am sure they will not charge you for the experience unsell they are in the education business. What you should expect is paying in sweat. if they have any projects going on the may want to you to lend them a hand, put out bandit signs, flyers, ads, putting stamps and labels on mailing campaigns etc... That may not seem fun but it is something that goes in to the everyday life of an investor who is starting. The experience may be worth it in the end.

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