Need help with a good Kansas City investor friendly title companies?

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Hello BP I am new to home wholesaling, I have been doing a lot of research and I am Ambitions and have always had a Passion to be successful at flipping homes. I am ready to start wholesaling homes first, as I understand that's the best way to start and become a Great REAL ESTATE Investor. Which some of you are and I plan to become. I've lived in Kansas all my life and have seen neighborhoods get built up some get torn down I want to be on the building up and help to be a part rebuilding KC. I have an eye for GOOD investment homes, from my understanding I need to get a Lawyer and title company that is investor friendly does anyone know of any GOOD ones and Thanks For Your Time

Ambitions Wholesaler

Ambition is priceless It’s something that’s in your veins


Welcome to BP!

Try Platinum Title in Overland Park. They are awesome!



Joey -

First of all, welcome to real estate investing.

I have been in the business 21 years, full-time since 2001. We pretty much exclusively use Apha Title - ask for Patsy. I believe she is in their College Blvd office. She will take care of you!

Thanks, Dan

@Ray Orellano Thanks for the Info and I have a few wholesale homes on my HOT LIST now, I'm researching them now. I'm working on what to say to get it under contract. I know when I master this part I will be good.

@ Dan Thanks and I'm happy to be apart of it. Thanks for the info, more knolwdege is always good. I really need help with what to say to a movated seller.

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@Jon Thanks for the advice I will look into that.

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