Prime Real Estate Locations in MA

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Hello again everyone,

I have figured out my buying criteria but now its a question of buying a property in the right area. From someone who is just starting out my knowledge of the market is limited due to lack of experience. I am seeking information of cities and towns in MA that are more favorable and show more upside for buying and renting out the properties. Any Suggestions of where to look first ?


What is your buying criteria?

Different goals will change the answers a lot.

Justin gave a good list of better cash flow areas. They won't be very good appreciation areas. They also aren't going to give you a lot of higher end tenants and you will probably have more issues with them than in higher end communities.

BTW I go for cash flow and most of my local stuff is in Lowell, so not knocking those areas just pointing out they are good for what they are good for and not for what they aren't. :)

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