Any recommendations on a General Contractor in Indy?

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Hi everyone. I'm looking to get started rehabbing homes in the Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville areas and need a good GC to help me evaluate renovation costs and manage the projects. Anyone have any recommendations?

When full-time guy's find a "Good" contractor we hold on to them like grim death. You want your contractor to have enough work if you have a slow gap between projects. But you don't want them to get too busy to take care of your projects, spread themselves too thin, or leave your situation for another.

If you want a good GC that basically manage the project and have all subs and just add 20% its a good way to get started until you can scale to keep guys working. I'll send you a pm

@Alan Depauw - good luck! LOL

I've fired at least 20 contractors in the past 3 years.

They seem to start off okay and then after the 2nd or 3rd job just fall apart.

I know anything on that side of town is going to expesive and very hard to find a property to buy at the right price to make a flip work...

@Alan Depauw Come to some of the REIA meetings and talk to some of the guys who are actively rehabbing. They might have some recommendations for you.

Thank you everyone for the tips and recommendations. @Ben G. I'll see you there!

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