Wholesaling in Columbia Missouri

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Hello all,

I'm new to real estate and looking to start in wholesaling, like most newbies do. I'm looking for anyone that is already wholesaling in columbia missouri or close by so that I can learn from. I'm willing to get my hands dirty and learn all i can. I'm will to put in the hours to learn before I earn. I then would like to fix and flip homes and also rent property for cash flow. any help from the bigger pockets community would be greatly appropriated. thanks

Hi Anthony,

I can't help you much, but I wish you luck. I'm an ex-Columbian, and I know its a great town.

Jim Workman

Thank you, I'm pushing away at what I can.

Hi Anthony!

I am a fellow COMO resident looking to getting started in REI. I do not have many contacts yet but would be happy to help you as you get started here as well. I have a BP colleague from Jeff City that knows someone who is wholesaling here in COMO. Her name is Sandy Uhlmann and she is very nice and helpful. You should look her up here and see what she thinks.

Great to meet you Anthony. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further help as you get started. Who knows. Maybe someday soon I will purchase one of your wholesale units for my own business. That would be awesome if so. Have a great week!


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