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I have two properties with 10 apartments and I'm starting to investigate property management. If you have had a good experience with a property manager here in St. Louis, I would love to know.

Many thanks!

Hi Adrian,

We have used Unistream LLC for a couple of years and Eaton Properties for about four months.

My impression of Unistream is that they have done a pretty good job of keeping our 2 multi-families in South City rented, with my main complaint being that we overpay for maintenance /repair calls.

Eaton Properties has been managing a 4-plex, also in South City, since purchase and has been a bit slow (in my opinion) to rent up. We still have one unit vacant, and communication from our personal property manager has been a bit inconsistent. We have yet to have any repairs, but Eaton promises that they are very competitive with their contractor rates, but we'll see.

let me know if you would like to discuss and I'd be happy to.

I don't own any apartments in St. Louis but I recently met with a group that I really like. They manage over 300 units, many of them apartments in North County and South City.

Frontier Property Management, (314) 932-7004

Chad Murray, [email protected]

Felina Higby, [email protected]

Good luck!

I jus spoke to Frontier Property Management. They really have their act together. I was blown away by our conversation. Thanks for the lead! I just got 3 properties under contract (10 units total) in S.City, and I look forward to working with them.

@Frankie Woods congratulations!

Yeah I think for South City apartments Frontier is perfect, that's their backyard & specialty.

I really like their team, too. Very sharp.

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