Houston Auction 6/3

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Did anyone attend the property auction in Houston today? We wanted to go just to watch and learn but weren't able to make it. I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer.

Is there any way to see a list of properties and what they sold for? I think probably not, but wanted to check. Also, is Auction.com connected to this auction in any way? My husband got a bunch of Zillow alerts this morning for properties being sold on Auction.com today, so we wondered if that was related.

They do tax and trustee sales on the first Tuesday to every month in Harris County on the steps of the courthouse. I was there for the morning. Auction.com acts as trustee for quite a few of the trustee sales at the courthouse.

There are also a handful if other trustees there auctioning properties, but the auction.com properties are easy to research for free because the addresses and info is listed on their site. There are other paid services that will provide data for all the trustee and tax sales in the county as well.

Harris county is a blast because it is a total zoo and there is more action than you can handle on your own unless you only have your eye on a couple properties. There are always big and small players there. Bring your cashiers checks because if you buy you pay cash immediately.

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Learning more about tax auctions is on my to do list. Missed the auction today, but went last month. One side of the building (that faces Congress) is the tax auctions, and on the other side (that faces Franklin) is REO and Trustee foreclosures, and Auction.com has a big presence there.

I don't know of any way to find out what the properties went for. Calling up the constable or the lawyers doesn't work. Auction.com does an auction from a tent on the north side of the courthouse but I think you can also bid online for those too.

Thanks for the info, @David Edgerton  id Jackson .  I remember reading a panicked post on BP from a woman who bought a property at an auction, then found out she was second tier and the owner was going into bankruptcy, or something like that.  I may be mis-remembering the scenario, but in any case, she didn't know what she was doing, and it jumped up and bit her!  Therefore, I am treading carefully.

Also, I tried to tag both of you David's separately, and it kept mashing them together like this.  Maybe I'll figure that out eventually.

I attended the 6/3 auction with a buddy for the first time. He's a real estate agent looking to get started with me on some flips. We didn't buy anything but watched intently and got the lay of the land. It is a zoo there for sure.

We're researching properties and looking to buy one this next auction.

Google houston foreclosures and you'll find a service you can subscribe to for pre-foreclosures. I did and it seems to be quite good.

Also, auction.com has good info as David mentioned.

Auction Date: 07/01/2014

Sale Location: Family Law Center 

You can get free info for a portion of the trustee sales at auction.com. I think if you Google a bit you will find the pad services. Good luck. 

Auctions occur every first Tuesday of the month.  All the properties that go up for sale are posted via public notice with the county clerk.  You can see all the notices here