Wholesalers, wholesaling in Orlando

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Attn: Orlando wholesalers, please add my email, [email protected], to your buyers list. I want to begin investing in the Orlando market by the 1st quarter of 2015. I know I've got a ton of time before I jump into your market; however, I would like to get an idea of the type of deals being offered in the area. I'm looking for SFR and multifamily homes for rentals, flips, and lease options. For flips I'm looking for at least a 20K profit. For rentals I would like to cash flow at least 200/mo (I love "subject to" deals). For lease option deals, I'm interested properties with less than 20% equity (even the over-leveraged ones).

I’m only interested in Orlando. As we move closer to 2015, I will narrow down my interest to a couple specific areas. If there are any wholesalers willing to assist, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

I'm adding you now Drew. I'll start sending you all of our deals throughout Orlando. 

Hey, Drew. Added you to our list. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help with.

hello everyone. Could you please add me as well? 


Please add me as well. I am a newer agent/investor from Chicago but I’m relocating to the Orlando area in the near future. Looking to network and get this thing started. I own 1 property in Chicago and 2 in Pensacola. Orlando here I come. But I’m starting off renting until I can buy there.

I am interested in the Orlando market for multi-family props in at least a C+ neighborhood for no more than $200K. 

I am a Lyman High School graduate, so I am somewhat familiar with the area but it has been some time since I have actually lived there. 

I am on the lookout for wholesalers and investor friendly realtors!