Help whit attorney in NJ bergen county area

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Hi BP.

I need some help, does anyone have a attorney that they recommend in the bergen county area NJ please if you can help me that will be great.

Thanks you.

Hey @Walter Thompson  

I used Robert P. Travers :

Talk to Vivian, she is the paralegal and she is doing a fantastic job.

Good luck!


@Kevin Hill

Does he deal whit wholesaling? Because I need attorney that knows how to write a contract and knows the ins-outs of wholesaling like the state laws etc etc...

@Lior Solomon

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it,

Also she deals whit a lot of wholesaling? I need attorney that knows the ins-outs of wholesaling, how to write a contract also the state law etc etc..

I'm not sure about wholesaling @Walter Thompson  

Give her a call or just email her at [removed]

Keep me posted, I'm curious to know if she handles wholesaling as well.


Try @Frank Uzzi .  I have used him couple times.  He is very experienced attorney and licensed in both NY and NJ.

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