Good or Better HUD-Registered Real Estate Broker in North Central MA and Southern NH

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Hello All,

For any of you who saw my last inquiry (post), this is the second half ...

Although I am aware of the HUD Home Store and main HUD site, and I know where the HUD-registered brokers can be found, I already contacted all of those listed in the Leominster, MA area with NO REAL SUCCESS, and only a few replies. Therefore, I'm asking any of you if you know the most appropriate HUD-registered broker within the North Central MA and Southern NH area, who has handled many closing of that nature (cash closings to be more specific), and who would be willing to submit multiple offers on HUD properties, with a high chance of closing many transactions with me.

Thanks A Million!

- Patrick S.

ive worked with Paula Leblanc. Seven Gables Realty. I can put her in touch w her if you would like. 

For an HUD-registered broker to take you serious on making many offers show them a bank statement you have funds to close with no weasel clause.

Joe Gore

Most if not all residential brokers will be registered with HUD.

Keep talking to Agents, make sure you show POF so they know there is a high probability of closing.

You should find one who wants to work with you soon.

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