In need of a mentor in the Longview/Tyler TEXAS area!!

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Hello, my name is Cynthia Long. I am moving to the Longview, Texas area and my husband and I are looking to expand our portfolio of real estate investing to the Longview and surrounding areas. I want to be wise with the decisions we make since we have 2 little ones. I have a lot of time to focus on this business, but do need some guidance. If there are any qualified REI's in this area that would like to work with me please message me. I have a background in sales and marketing and can help in any way in your businesses also, or pay. Thank you!

Cynthia, our meeting will be August 30th. You'll be able to network with other investors from the area. Hope to see you there.

@Cynthia Long  @Wes Brumit I am new to Bigger Pockets, but am in the process of purchasing my first investment property in Longview. I was curious if either of you have rental property in Longview and if so, how is the market? I've done a lot of research (as much as publicly available) and everything seems to point to the Longview economy suffering really bad. I just want to gain some comfort that I'll be able to rent out my SFH. If you have any additional information that you can share, please advise.

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