HVAC, Electrician and Plumber contractor in San Antonio

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Hi James - I just asked a similar question but I was not specific. Hoping for some feed back. I have an HVAC contractor that has bid to me on commercial and stated he will do my residential work as well (Good numbers on commercial) - nice guy. I don't know if my commercial plumber will do residential but I will ask, he has come through for me on tight deadlines. As far as an electrician - I used one a few years back that was residential and very reasonable. I will email you tomorrow about the HVAC contractors, and if my plumber does residential, and if I can find the number which I need as well for the electrician. I will be preparing for a start of a flip in the following week so I will have my ducks in some sort of row soon - hopefully all in.

I have had good success(s) with:

Al Olague & David Olague (his son) of A&M Heating & Cooling. 210-435-4803 or 210-396-8808.  These guys are extremely reasonable priced.  It's just one crew, so they don't scale well for multiple projects.  

Plumbing - 
Nathan Graef of Graef Plumbing. 210-599-7577. These guys handle residential & commercial, have several crews and work all over the metro area and beyond.  They are reasonably priced (not the cheapest), but they go the extra mile and I trust their workmanship.  

I don't have a good electrician.  Hope these help.  Please tell them I sent you.


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