Looking for Kitchen Cabinet Supplier Recommendations for 4 kitchens - LA

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I am remodeling a 4 unit building in Los Angeles and could use some recommendations for ready to assemble/assembled kitchen cabinets on an investors budget.

I'm doing all 4 units at once. 


Hi @Eyal B.  I don't have an answer for you - I have done Ikea cabinets before, but even those are not cheap. Although, I do find that if the units are in a nicer area, new tenants appreciate nice cabinets.  I tend to overspend on redoing vacant units, but so far it has worked out with getting nice tenants. 

I would be interested to hear if you come up with something (or someone) you like.  

Check out RTA cabinets from Custom Service Hardware.  I used them once with the low end cabinets and they turned out really well. So you could pay a little more and get even better quality. The staff there are very helpful and knowledgeable.  (I don't get any compensation for recommending them.)

I've done tons of research on the RTA cabinets. I can't stand the cheap stuff from menards or lowes. And I won't pay for the custom stuff because its just way overpriced (to me).

I have looked all over the net for RTA companies. Nobody beats lillyanncabinets. Nobody. The key with them is to do your cabinet design yourself and then call them up before you place the order. 

Since you're doing 4 kitchens, you need to be sure to ask for the contractor's discount. They can give up to 20% off the pricing if you do that. 

I tend to go with the medium grade stuff because I like the finish a little better and it comes with easy assembly (dovetail) and soft close features. But the stuff is real good quality (all plywood). And - with the discount - I haven't found any of the other RTA places come even close to their prices.

I've used them in about 6 kitchens to date (out of 29 of my rentals). And even I can put their stuff together. Keep in mind that I have zero skills and the only thing I can do for rehab work is manual labor stuff like remove the carpets, etc. But I have been able to put all 6 kitchens together. And if I can do it, anybody can.

Its about 45 mins for the lowers and 30 mins for uppers. It takes me over an hour for the lazy susan though. Again, I have no contractor skills too so it probably takes a professional about half that.  :-)

But I would definitely recommend them and be sure to ask for the 20% discount. If you have them do your design, though, the most I think they can do is 10%. So don't have them design your kitchen.....

Thanks, I'll check both of these out tomorrow!


Check out King Building Materials in South El Monte. Good quality, cheap prices and they have a ton of prefab granite. Also check out their sinks. These are unassembled.

I also have a custom guy who runs between 85-95 p/lf installed. Let me know if you need his number. Takes a little longer.

Jim Delany

So Cal Contractor and Flipper

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