Louisville KY top areas for SFR

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where are some of the best areas in Louisville or surrounding areas for higher quality rent? (meaning how much house cost vs how much it rents for) for some reason I like Hillview Mostly because of blue collar workers. but I was wondering about Mt. Washington and or Shelby county? wondering what yall have had more success with.

also is there much difference between 3/1 SFR vs 3/2 SFR? Yall have way more experience than me, I would like to pick your brains. Thanks!

Like you, I'm a fan of Hillview.  I also like everything between there and J-Town (Okolona, Highview, Ferncreek, etc).  You can get homes at entry level price points in good neighborhoods, with good schools, that rent well and have long-term value.  Lyndon is also affordable.  Clifton and Germantown aren't too bad, but the homes are older and the neighborhoods transition quickly.  You want to make sure to know the area before going there.  I have invested in Shepherdsville (Lakes of Dogwood area) and know several Mt. Washington investors.  In Shepherdsville, watch out for the flood plain areas.  

All of that being said, I particularly like student rentals and currently focus my efforts on buying props around U of L.   

Wow thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Do you see a difference between 3/1 vs 3/2 rents? Because a lot of the homes I look at seem to be 3/1 SFH. Im very neverous starting my second house I want to be ahead of the game Knowing if certain areas and/or 3/1 are a waste of time.

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