Land in north Texas

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Curious where you might suggesting finding a few acres or more to purchase in the north Texas area. Anywhere north of Dallas is of interest to me, thank you.

@Chris A. if you want to get replies offering land you will need to post in the Marketplace. I assume you're looking for advice. We actually did something similar almost 20 years ago. We were looking south of Houston, but same idea. Lot fewer resources in those days. Now you can get on the MLS ( or whatever the local version is in your area) and search for land. You can do what we did and do a lot of driving around. Once you find one parcel for sale, you have a lead on an agent. They may have other parcels or referrals to other agents. I think we found the place we did eventually buy this way. Found one listing by the agent, spoke with them and they pointed us to another of their listings.


You are right, I am looking for guidance on purchasing land as an investment at this point.

Not sure on how land purchases for investments in TX are usually financed either.

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@Chris A.  Celina, Anna, Melissa, Leonard, Aubrey, Pilot Point...

Stay north of Hwy 380 and away from Prosper (too expensive).  If you are good with east of 75, you can go a little further south, say down to around Lucas and eastward.  The Lake Lavon area is good. 

I will tell you the property listed with residential realtors seems to be a bit more expensive than the stuff listed with the Land, Farm & Ranch agents.  If you want to PM me, I'll be happy to share a link for listings much more focused on raw and ag land. 

Sellers offer financing more often on raw land than they will on homes.  Banks will finance land, but with more down.  The county Ag credit bank is a good place to start.