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I will be relocating to Atlanta GA in 10 days.  Can anyone inform me of any local meetup or investing groups are in and around the city.     Thanks!

There are lots of them...the three biggest I know of are:

Georgia REIA

Atlanta REIA

North Metro REIA

Do an Internet search and you should be able to find information on each of them...

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Originally posted by @James Park:

@J Scott,

Which of these three REIA groups and subgroups did you find to be the most beneficial?

Georgia REIA and Atlanta REIA were both very "guru focused" and the attendance always felt like it was a mix of 50% brand new investors and 50% seasoned investors looking to take advantage of the brand new investors.

North Metro REIA was my favorite and was a little bit better. The subgroup that @Aaron McGinnis  ran was great...though I don't remember the name or if it was still going on...

@J Scott,

Thanks, I will look into some subgroup with North Metro REIA.

I think Aaron ran a subgroup at Red Lobsters in Duluth but I don't think he runs it anymore. We desperately need a sub group in the Alpharetta, Johns Creek area. I think the last sub group I attended was in Alpharetta, there were only two people who showed up on time.. myself and a investor who flew in from South Africa. We waited around for 30 minutes and left.  

It's tough with the groups. I stay busy around the clock doing commercial deals.

Some of the newer investors come to learn but do not have much funds to do anything with. For example someone might have every intention of investing in commercial but they only have 200k and unless they partner it's not going to happen on their own. Maybe for a small mom and pop but not the quality grade properties I transact. 

I get more out of an e-mail and phone calls with new clients and examining PFS statements.

James you could start your own it just has to be targeted for the right investors. Restaurants you have to be careful about the times you have the meetings. Any time during peak lunch or dinner hours it will be hard getting the required seats and it will be very noisy.

I just do not go to any of those meetings. I guess if I knew highly targeted high net worth people would be there then it might be worth my time. A bunch of newbies with 10,000 to their name it doesn't really match what I am doing.

@J Scott "Guru focused" isn't the right word. In the General Meetings, they all split revenues with gurus. GA REIA, I've found to be very beneficial. In 8 months, I've gone to only 2 general meetings, one had a guru the other was a very well respected investor sharing great knowledge on entity structures, tax avoidance, and estate planning for REI.

The real value comes from being active in your particular subgroup. I've done a couple of deals thru networking at the REIA and enjoy the great recommendations for contractors, legal, etc.

Aaron's subgroup is Intown Rehabbers as part of Atlanta REIA. It's informative. His company is a sponsor, and they focus on investors. Many of the other subgroups have similar links to businesses.

@James Park There's also a North Atlanta Rehabbers group as part of GA REIA and a Commercial Group.

Many folks belong to both.    


There's 3 groups that I like. Two of them are very similar.

GaREIA has a group called Intown Before and After. This is a fairly no-nonsense, league-of-crusty-old-gentlemen type group. I like it a lot. They do not do any real hand holding. It's targeted very much at people who either know what they're doing or want to network with people who know what they're doing. Expect to be challenged at every level. The group meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month and rotates to projects being worked on by members of the group.

I run a group which meets on the third Tuesday of the month at a project that Craftbuilt is either doing for an investor or doing for itself. The group is more oriented towards new investors, people learning the ropes, etc... more 'group think' type discussions and question/answer time. We do get a good draw of experienced investors who show up to shoot the breeze and bust my chops =)

The last group is Haves and Wants, which meets every Thursday at 1:30 at the 5 seasons in the prado (Roswell road and I285). This is a round-table networking group that attracts all kinds of people and is definitely a no-holds-barred environment in which you are best advised to keep your hands up at all times. It has, however, been very productive for me professionally.

Finally, another good group is the GaREIA dealmakers. They meet once a month, and are fairly targeted towards landlords. Most of the same folks from the Intown Before and After group go here. Lots of experienced investors to talk to/get your chops busted by.