Atlanta Ga

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Hey all,
I just recently moved to Atlanta Ga, and I was looking to get into buying some duplexes or tri plex in monroe Ga. Anybody have any ideas if this area is good for rentals?

@Koob Moua  Monroe is more for people who are looking to purchase a house unfortunately.  If you are looking for a rental property that you could get to easily from Monroe, I would recommend Stone Mountain.  Hwy 78 takes you directly to this area that is gaining popularity with my investors.

If you keep traveling down highway 78 towards Atlanta, you can find some good quads in the Snellville / Lilburn / Stone Mountain area.  

I'm based in metro Atlanta, why Monroe?
Baxter Pharmaceutical is moving close to that area and Monroe may work..

Baxter is bringing 2000 jobs by 2017, 200 full time already hired and building is well underway

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