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So I did my first direct mail campaign and it mailed out yesterday,  The area I targeted has a good number of Spanish speaking people so I did the postcard in English and Spanish using google translator.  

I set up a Google Voice account and special email address, but I do not speak Spanish.  If I get a call from someone who does not speak English is there a service I can use to call the number back and ask a set of questions? Any advice is appreciated.

This VM may help... listen all of the way thru...


And if you ever need a translator I have one on staff who can help.


As a native Spanish speaker my self and a Customer Service Rep with some experience doing bilingual Customer Service I believe that this VM is perfect regarding the English part, but is poor on the Spanish side. I can tell that people who do not speak English would feel frustrated because they will have no patience to listen to the message until the end and is likely probable that they will hang up before reaching the Spanish part.

I would recommend to transfer the Spanish part into a new VM and go from there. Even, if you do so, try to encourage people to action because what this message is saying is only to live a phone number for assistance in Spanish, while the English part is asking for more information about the house that they are trying to sell.


I would like to offer my help if you need it. Just send me a PM with the text you would like to put into Spanish and I can translate it for you. I don't think that my voice is good enough to put it into a recorded message, but at least I can give you the message in Spanish at no cost for you and that way you won't have to rely on google translator, which is not accurate at all. Any additional idea on how I can help you, don't hesitate in asking.

Thanks everyone!

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