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Good Evening Colorado BP Family,

My wife and I are slowly on our way to building our real estate knowledge and she is half way to getting her license.  I know there are a good number of investors within the Colorado state.  I would like to get some talks on the market in Colorado and if there are thoughts on in state vs. out of state investing and the outlook on the next 2-3 years.

I see a lot of talk about the top markets throughout the states but not much on Colorado.  I hear that the market is "warm, hot" and not much of a buyers market, so do you just move outside the state? 

Just looking for discussion...those outside Colorado please weigh in also...

Juan Pridgen

Hi Juan, welcome to the forum. The market in Colorado is very strong. Home values are up considerably and in the Denver market at least, inventory is very low. Good investment properties are hard to find. That doesn't mean they are not out there, you will just have to be creative in how you find them. Turnkey out of state investing may be a good option. You need to determine what you are comfortable with. Two markets that I know are popular for out of state investing are Kansas City and Indianapolis. 

Juan, it's a popular topic these days.  And there's no wrong answer, it depends on what resources you have, what your comfort level and goals are.  A mix of both can be great too.  I personally am holding property in Denver and flipping in other states.  If you have specific questions about Denver, I'd be happy to answer them.

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