Do we have a club out in Fairfield County in CT?

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If not, does anyone want to meet? I am out in Brookfield CT and I would like to share ideas with fellow BP members.


There are people out of Fairfield County that have their group that meets every month.  I am sure they will chime in on this thread.

Welcome to BP!

@Pierre Beaunegre By "club" do you mean a REIA or a local meet up? There is a local meet up in Fairfield on the last Wednesday of the month, usually held at Anna Liffey's on Post Rd. It is organized by Jonathan Makovsky and is well attended. Reach out to him if interested. Welcome to the site

The closest one I've heard about is in Fairfield as @Michael Noto  and @Salvatore Rondinelli  mentioned, I haven't been yet but I'd be interested in a meetup closer to home (Bethel).  I'm a new, soon to be investor also.

There is also a Southern CT REIA that is in the process of being formed, but they currently meet at the Fairfield Library. You can find out more through their Meetup group.

@Pierre Beaunegre  There have been a lot of BP members that have been meeting on the last Wednesday's of the month in Farifield. It's free and at a local bar, I will PM you more details if interested.

@Salvatore Rondinelli  is also arranging a meet-up in Hartford, and I am sure that will be a good meet-up as well.


I'll be happy to meet up with some of you guys. 

Please let me know where and when. 

Thanks Jonathan @Jonathan Makovsky  


Hello neighbor and Welcome to BP.   Let's touch base and see if we can arrange a meetup in the area as I believe there enough BPs close by.  

Thanks man. 

That would be great! Let's try to get something going. 

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