Any REI meetings Vancouver WA or Portland OR soon?

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Greetings all

I have just joined this community a few weeks ago and the advice I see posted a lot is: Meet your local peers! 

When and where is the next meeting for biggerpockets members in the general Vancouver, WA area?  ....if not, would you like to get together with me and others for an informal meet and greet at a local puplic  place.  Vancouver's public library has a conference room open to the public; I think I could inquire about dates and times if enough people are interested. We could organize beagles, or donuts, coffee and/ juice and all chip in to cover the cost?

Topics/Questions: Where are the hot neighborhoods to buy and own or to rehab and flip; is the market saturated with opportunity hunters;  how long are properties on the market; average time from seeing/finding, closing, rehabbing, staging/marketing and reselling?  Just a few questions I might ask some of the investors in our neck of the woods.

What about you?

Is there an upcoming meeting of bp's in the Portland OR area?

I am looking forward to your replies and also to meeting a bunch of you in person.



NWREIA has a Vancouver group.

Hi seekers of Real estate investment groups in the northwest; @James M, and others. And Thanks @Tim Roos for mentioning us. We'd welcome you to the Northwest REIA which meets in Portland Oregon area 4 or 5 times a month, Salem once a month, Eugene 2 times a month, and Vancouver, WA once a month.  Check out our website for all the info.

This last Thursday night (Jan. 8th) we had over 120 attend for our topic - investing in multi-family in Portland area.  

There is also the Real Estate Vancouver Investor Network (REVIN), that meets every Tuesday at noon at the Gobi Mongolian Grill on Mill Plain Blvd,

Jorge Simal

Tthank you, Jorge

Do they mind if a new person just shows up, or does one need to be introduced by someone else?


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