Structure of your local REIA

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When you attend your local REIA how is it structured?

We have 2 local ones. (I helped start both)

The 1st one we were able to grow to about 15-20 investors on average.

The 2nd one seems to bounce around 8-12 investors showing up on average.

My question is how do you keep investors(newbies) coming back along with other investors? 

Is there a certain day/evening that you found work the best?

Is it mainly just a social hour and everyone chats or do you have speakers/investors come in and try to teach?

Where do you meet? 

What size is your city? would that be a potential issue? our area is approximate 250k people.

Thanks in advance :)

Virtually ALL REIAs have 50% new members at a meeting. Next week it is a new 50%. If they are not coming back they aren't getting what they want. Ask them why? What do they want? What were they expecting? Is your group clique-ish so that new members do not feel welcome? 

Thanks Ned . We typically go around the room and say who we are and what we do and what we are looking for.  

Do you all do a questionnaire handout or have web pages for your REIAs? 

In my area we have lots of REIAs. All seem to have a webpage. The main group that I go to is a "Meetup" group not a REIA. I know a LOT of people have come from me and others talking it here on Bigger Pockets.

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