Looking for investors friendly RE agents in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas (Texas)

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I'm looking for a good investor friendly agent in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

Will be glad to get recommendations.



If you find anyone let me know. I really want to invest in Houston. I haven't found a realtor yet that fits the mold for what I need. It's pushing me to invest in my own backyard.

Hi Guys,

I am RE agent in Austin & investor myself. If you need help in getting comps and sales history, I would be more then happy to help you to process the sales at really little cost. I understand the value of money.

Thank you,

@johnynakra I am an active investor and RE agent in Houston. I would like to discuss with you what your investment goals and objectives are and see if I could be of any assistance. Please let me know the best way to reach you.

Thank You,

Ronnie Young

@erinmitrani @andersondurham My last post was meant for you guys.

Hi Eran,

I'd love to help you out. I work with investors like yourself on a daily basis in Dallas (and even help some Californians purchase our Dallas properties). I can also connect you with some colleagues of mine in Houston and San Antonio who do exactly what I do - help place investors in distressed properties for rent or flip purposes. I'll shoot you my contact info in a private message.

Best regards.

@Eran Mitrani  

I have a great agent in Dallas I work with.  He helps me with the out-of-market investors I support in their investment activities here in DFW.  

PM me if you would like more information.  In the meantime, please complete your profile.  I'd love to learn a little more about you.

If you are interested in expanding to the Austin area let me know.  I give a 1% discount to BP members.

Dan Burstain, Real Estate Agent in TX (#616078)

@Eran Mitrani  

 @Anderson Durham  

I'm an agent in the Dallas market. Feel free to PM me about anything.  Couple of agents in my office invest as well, so we have a good team built up over here.

Anthony Armstrong, Real Estate Agent in TX (#0649864)
(469) 400-0771

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