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Hi everyone, I'm Sam from Ann Arbor. I've been working for the past few years to prepare myself to be able to buy my first home this year in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. I've been reading BP and listening to the podcasts all winter and wanted to introduce myself on here.

Currently I work as a carpenter. I commute to Leelenaw County to work during the week on an extensive custom home. On the weekends I read and continue educating myself about REI and fine tuning my plan for acquiring assets. I'm expecting to qualify for about 100K as a first time home buyer with FHA or USDA loans and am looking for good deals in the areas surrounding Ann Arbor but I'm not convinced I can find them on the MLS these days. Anyone know any reputable wholesalers that would work with a first time home buyer that has to finance through the feds? Or just any thoughts about how to acquire my first home outside the MLS.

Looking forward to spending more time on here!


@Sam Genson  , welcome to the site from another A2-area investor.

I have just started a bunch of marketing in and around A2, but normally wholesalers are needing to work with cash buyers so that probably won't be a very good option for you.

Join the REIC in Ann Arbor.  I'm one of the co-organizers.  You'll find what you are looking for there.

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