New BP member in Charlotte, NC looking for other local investors

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Hey everyone.  I'm new to this group but I have read some of the discussions on the forums and seems like there is a lot of great info and people on here. I'm in Charlotte NC and was curious if anyone is familiar with good networking/investor events in the area?  I'd also be happy to meet with other investor to discuss potential deals, partnering on deals, discuss financing, etc..  Thanks everyone.

Hey Shawn! Welcome to BP! I'm here in charlotte nc as well... I would suggest plugging in with the Metrolina REIA and also the hobby millionare meet up here in charlotte great groups to get going and get traction... There is also a bigger pockets meet up tonight a 7 pm at the dillworth grille on morehead st! Take action and much success to you. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any help

Hi Shawn,

I know it is extremely last minute, but we actually have a Charlotte Meetup TONIGHT at 7pm at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.  We have been meeting every other month up to this point so if you are not able to make it out tonight we should be meeting in May if not before.  Hope to see you there.

Hey Shawn,

Welcome to BP. I guess I'll invite you to the Dilworth meetup tonight as well haha. Between myself being a GC and local investment Realtor, and all the other folks that come out to our meetups, you're sure to meet someone that has similar interests and goals. 

There are two larger associations for investors in Charlotte, Charlotte Real Estate Investment Association and Metrolina Real Estate Association. They meet up quite regularly and have regular speakers and info sessions. Between the two of those, there is likely two or more meetings per week for you to get plugged in to. 

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