Referral Anyone? Wanted: Handy-man in Snohomish County to install Allure Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring

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I was wondering if anyone on here in the Snohomish County vicinity may have a flooring guy or handy-man recommendation / referral for me who has installed Allure Ultra Vinyl Plank Flooring. It's a free floating floor but has some specific instructions. There is a guy at the Snohomish Home Depot who gives a great rundown on how to install, but as it was extremely expensive material and would take me several hours I am leaning towards hiring someone else to install in one of my units. It's townhouse style about 1,660SF. I removed all old carpets, nails, etc so the floors are ready to go. I've got it sitting inside now acclimating as required but will be ready to install by tomorrow. Hoping to get started on it this week. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank You! 

I say go for it. How many rentals do you own? Im guessing not enough to have your own maintenance person to call. This is the time to get your hands dirty. You're talking about an afternoon project. it builds character as "they" say...

Anyone I have spoken with says laying 1,660SF of this is much more than an afternoon project. @Rob Beland - I have 7 rentals here and looking to purchase another 3-4 (plex) right now in a few mile radius. I just bought a new cabin in the woods away from here which needs a lot of work too, and is way more fun to work on. I've gutted, repaired and painted this entire unit, if it's going to take me another 4-5 days of 8 hour days to install the floors, I am thinking I would rather put my personal energy towards the cabin and other businesses, which I actually love working on. At this point, this unit is becoming not so much fun to work on (though, if i hired someone I would stick around to learn enough to do it on my own later). We own cash-flow units so we can have fun, right? It's a rather interesting topic though. For those who have read "The E-Myth", it's hard to choose which role you play throughout life. I find myself switching my roles all the time! You do have a good point though. I am still debating getting my hands dirty and building my character. Would still like to talk to a handy-man before I make my final decision though!

@Zach Schwarzmiller I apologize for my assumptions. I still like to get my hands dirty so to speak. You clearly do as well. Im not in your area so I cant be of much help. Best of luck...

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