What do you think most people want out of a REI Meeting?

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I was curious about what most people want to get out of a REI meeting. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Valuable content & information without being pitched another guru program.

An environment that fosters networking and leveraging connections.

@Dave Fontana  the previous two comments are correct.  I would also add the following

1)  allow new comers a chance to socialize and be well received by others often times, many new investors wether to Real Estate Investing or the general area. Do not know the regular members.

2) yes we do not want to be pitched another Guru investment technique or material. However how else are the operators of the venue suppose to make their money? Everything cost money even renting the location of the meet up. (This is why my first point would be even more refreshing, even if there is a strong sales pitch) 

How else did we get here? Someone directed us to find the group meet up

3) tangible connections (see my first point) Ex: lawyers, accountants, other parties in the transactions 

Networking. I would think people want to meet other people that are working in the same field. Also you never know when you are going to meet a lender or if you're a lender you might meet the right investor. There are a million examples of two people that could cross paths and benefit from it at local REIA meetings.

As someone who runs an REI meetup, the first comment hit it on the head. Everyone's looking for new information, whether they're seasoned veterans or newbies. There are various things that you can do to make the environment more welcoming for both groups, but ultimately providing novel and useful information is the most important thing.

And I agree with @Christopher Rodriguez , it costs money to host a meetup, book the venue, etc. There are some seasoned pros who will attend every meeting, leech all the information from you they can to try to find your secrets, and are allergic to any form of helping out the meetup. If everyone was like that, no one would do any meetups.

you are right.... i may be venturing new into the real estate investing side of this business but being a former NYS Realtor has shaped my views on a lot of things. then venturing off and falling to what a guru has mentioned. Luckily those who are genuine and are truly committed will prosper because they are not looking for a Quick way.

as with anything in life it is the dedication, commitment and especially time invested that will yield results. how high you climb falls on other things. So when they attempt to steal, borrow or twist information their efforts fall short.

and we are a community. and because we are a community word of mouth gets around. i am glad Juan took the time to express the view of an operator of a venue for REI Clubs.

@Juan Diaz  

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