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Hello All,

I am working on my first deal, have been approved by a lender and I'm currently looking to purchase my first property in the Northern New Jersey area. I will admit that I am a bit of a novice and this may very well be a novice question but can any tell me I need to hire a real estate attorney and if so how much of my budget should set a side for lawyer fees. Also if you are in the Northern New Jersey area and know of any local lawyers please drop me note.

What type of property and how much is the purchase price?

its a multifamily 2 units with a finished basement. I looking to spend 260k.

I would recommend finding an experienced real estate lawyer in your community - ask your CPA or banker for a referral. Shouldn't cost more than about $1500 and it will be good education for you.

Thanks for advice Al ig is much appreciated. I will reach out to my financial advisor for a referral 

Attorney fees can vary. The attorneys I recommend to clients vary anywhere from $995 to $1600.

This is attorney is a younger guy and very good with first time home buyers and his fee is on the lower end of that scale.

Barli & Associates, LLC
Daniel Barli, Esq.
Office: (973) 638-1101 Fax: (201) 326-5176

Thank you for the information Kevin, it is much appreciated. I am currently waiting for my financial adviser to forward me a contact as well. I will reach out to Daniel. Thanks again. 

I am looking for a referral for a Real Estate Attorney in Pasadena, TX or surrounding area. I visited my CPA to talk about investing in real estate, now I am looking for a Real Estate Attorney. I want to talk about which type of LLC should I use and how to transfer properties to an LLC, whether I should Quit Claim Deed or Warrant Deed, or what other options are available.

Any referrals for the Pasadena, TX area?

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