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Just wondering if anyone from Corpus Christi, Texas can recommend a mastermind group to join. I would love to add value to the group any way that I can. If one does not exist, lets create one! 

Hi Tony, The Corpus Christi Real Estate Investors Group meets monthly - 3rd Tuesday of each month from 11:00AM-12:30PM.  The group began in April 2016 as a Meet-up Group (Real Estate Investors Group-Corpus Christi at and quickly combined with a local Facebook group - Corpus Christi Real Estate Investors and Agents.  We would love for you to join the group on Fb and at! I am the organizer for the group. There is a 2nd meet-up group in CC that usually meets monthly in Saturdays. It is run by Real Estate agent Timi Abney and is called Corpus Christi real Estate Investment Meeting. My Dad attends this meeting when he can as I am usually working on the weekends. 

In looking at your Bigger Pockets profile, I see you are an Appraiser. We do not yet have an appraiser in the group! I could use a reliable appraiser who understands investors as a contact and I imagine so could other group members. 

Our next meeting is Tuesday August 16th ... tentatively set for 11:00am-12:30PM (subject to change based on needs of meeting site). We are tentatively set to meet at the office of one of the local HomeVestors franchises (aka - We Buy Ugly Houses). We are still looking for a speaker for this meeting ... about 15 -20 minute talk ... then Q&A from members. If you are available and interested in introducing yourself to the group as our August speaker, that would be wonderful. You could speak on the subject of your choice for Residential Appraisals, Wholesaling, or Loans/Banking for RE Investors. We have an Inspector lined up to speak in September but also have a speaker opening for October. 

If you are interested in the speaker opportunity, you can message me or email at Texas Choice Property Alliance at gmail. 

Looking  forward to hearing from you!

Kim Andry

Corpus Christi Real Estate Investors Networking Group 

Texas Choice Property Alliance, LLC

Private Real Estate Syndication Team
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