Networking OH/KY/IN - open to anywhere

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Hello, how are you?

My name is Danielle and I am from Northern Kentucky. Born & raised.

I am looking to network with fellow Investors and other Real Estate Entrepreneurs. 

Specifically, I am a wholesaler (focused) but I am open to buy and holds/rentals as well as rehabs

Anyone want to connect?

Hello! I am living in Kentucky, however I am a new investor.. I don't know what your experience is but I would love to connect and discuss a little about the market in northern Kentucky, specifically near the Lexington and Cinncinatti areas. 

Hi! I am also relatively new to Lexington area and looking at getting into REI as well. Looking to connect with some folks in the area to learn/share ideas and look for some possible opportunities.

I am a local investor and business owner in Cincy/NKY and I would love to connect!

@Danielle Stutler welcome to BP and the REI community. The northern KY market (like all of KY) should provide you with plenty of good REI deals. Make sure to go to the local REIA up there!

@Talin Rowe and @Jacob Genet you both need to come to the local REIA. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the local market and meet other local investors. Bonus! It is also absolutely FREE! We would be happy to have you both attend (see link below).

@Jim Wilcox Thanks for the advice. I actually submitted a request to join that group a couple days ago and am just waiting on the request to be approved.

@Jacob Genet awesome! Hope to see can attend the next meeting and especially the X-mas party! Yeah, it can sometimes take awhile to get through all the requests.

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