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I am looking for CPA recommendations in the DFW area. I do multiple rehabs a year and have some not so normal financial situations, looking for someone with experiences with flippers. 

@Bobby Davis

I am surprised no one chimed in and gave you a recommendation.

I would recommend the following if you are looking for a local CPA.

1) put a keyword alert for "Texas" and "San Marcos" and you will notice that a lot of frequent posters with those keywords in the alerts. Connect with them on bigger pockets and see who they use for a CPA.

2) Attend local REI events or biggerpockets local events. Network with the people that attend and ask who they use for a CPA.

If you are still not able to find a CPA that you connect with - you may need to connect with a CPA who works with clients remotely. There are CPA's all over BP who do this.

For the time being - did you have any tax questions/concerns? Flipping generates ordinary income. There are some tax savings opportunities with flipping.

I see you are an accountant - do you do audit work or fund accounting?

We use lifetime tax in DFW, very well versed in real estate investment tax.

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