New Investor seeking real estate agent

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I’m located in the Fayetteville, NC area and looking to purchase a multi family that I can house hack. Would love to get in touch with a local real estate agent who can help me along with the process and find a good deal!


Hi Brandon! If your looking for a local Realtor in your market, reach out to some, see if you are a good fit with the Realtor (sometimes Realtors unfortunately wont give an investor the time of day) and if you feel comfortable, they will be able to search your local MLS for you, and set you up on automatic emails that will feed directly to you whenever a new property becomes available. Best of luck on your journey as an investor!

I am a licensed Real estate agent for NC. I can answer any questions you may have

Yanet Lewis, Real Estate Agent

Hi Brandon, I can show you great deals in Wisconsin.  30 years experience as an investor, real estate broker and property manager.


I hear multi families are a little difficult in that area especially if you use a property manager that charges you by the door rather than the whole property as one. I wish you lots of luck. We'll be out there soon and looking to work with some other investors. 

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