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Hi I just wanted to know what the best way to network with other investors on BP? I am hoping to form business partnerships and get a deal done with other like minded investors in the Philadelphia area before the end of the year.  Any suggestions?

Post a lot!

I post on here a lot and people message me all the time. I've done JV deals from here, I've raised private capital, and helped other people make money. If people see that you have personality, persistence, a positive attitude, and value, then you'll have no problem making friends.

Find your local forum as well and make connections you can meet IRL as well

Hey @Jonathan Rigg !

I agree with @Alexander Felice

Post. Post. Post. Talk with people in the forums, foster relationships, and most importantly - be consistent. It's also a give to get environment here on the site, so whatever you can offer even if it's just minor advice can go a long way.

I think alongside that, it's very important to combine this online networking with real in-person networking. I always suggest to Philly folks that they should check out our local REIA group, DIG (Diversified Investor Group). They have meetings and sub-group meetings all throughout the Southeastern PA area. 

When I was first starting out, going to these meetings (and a lot of these meetings) consistently was game changing for me. I can't even imagine how fast my career would have moved if BiggerPockets existed back then and I could combine both types of networking. So you'll actually meet a decent amount of BP people at these DIG meetings as well, which also helps foster relationships. 

Just my two cents as an old school networker and BPer, hope this info helps!

I'll concur with @Dave Van Horn That you should check out DIG

And I have to ask, because the OP was not specific, but what year? If you are thinking 2017, then you have your work cut out for you - time is not on your side.

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