Vancouver Island, BC CANADA

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Looking to meet investors/agents/contractors on Vancouver Island.... if you are on Vancouver Island, let me know! It would be great to expand our network and share advice in this market. 

I am based in Victoria, but am interested in Cowichan Valley, Nanaino, Comox Valley, etc. 

Hi Vincent,

I am a property manager in Victoria, currently renovating a duplex that I have owned for several years.

If you have not encountered @Randy Molland and @Steve Arneson yet, they run the Victoria REI meetup and their next meeting is on January 23. This is an active group well attended by many of the contacts that you are seeking.

PM me for meeting details.

Hi Vincent,

I am on the mainland (Richmond BC) and have two investment properties in Nanaimo, one in Sechelt, and a townhouse in Surrey.  We had a fence and deck stairs redone on one of our Nanaimo properties and the guy did a good job if you are looking for a recommendation for that kind of work.  We also worked with a helpful agent in Nanaimo that looked at properties for us and gave us honest helpful advice on whether they would make good investments.  


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