next step after wining an eviction process?

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The tenant moved out after 5 months of trying to collect rent and finding the right lawyer to take the case plus holidays.

Finally tenant moved out.  Please help me find answers for next step on collecting unpaid rent for the 5 months 

-Filling small claims?

-Contacting a collection agency (NC) i called several in the and none of them take just one account. 

-filed for a garnishment-company?

-any other option?

Help is appreciated. Case is in North carolina.  

Small claims may be an option. Depends on filing costs, if you can self-represent, and if you can find them. I have had some judgements that were paid years after I recorded them. Others I will probably never see a dime.

Small claims  win that then get garnishment.. then chase them.. 90% never get any money.

One thing though as personal information on folks becomes much easier to get.

just file your judgment and let it sit for a few years.. keep tabs on the people then hit them when they think you have forgotten..

many times folks like this will just move from job to job to keep from paying..

I have a friend that buys bad credit card debt.. by the millions ... they wait 9.5 years before they move against the people.. and usually with their robust skip trace abilities ( not what the average person  could do) but they figure out where they bank somehow.. file the garnishment then clean out the bank account.. shocks the heck out of people..

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