Seeking Commercial Real Estate (Multifamily) Job Columbus, OH

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I am 23 from Cincinnati, Ohio and currently working in Commercial Real Estate, really enjoying every aspect of it and learning a lot. I am most interested in Multifamily Investment sales, as well as capital markets. I do not currently have my real estate license, but have sent in my application to the Division and should be taking the exam in 1-2 weeks. I am a big fan of the Columbus market and see great potential for continued growth. I am looking to move and get started as soon as possible, and figured that with a resource like Bigger Pockets I should utilize it. 

Also, any advice is always welcomed. 

@Karl Hinkel Congrats on moving forward...sounds like you've got your start planned. Columbus is an incredible market (real estate and quality of life)...everyone loves where they live, but it's really exciting to see the growth and expansion of the city here...I wouldn't hesitate to say (besides the weather in the winter ;) Columbus is one of the top 5 cities in the prediction was the population would double 2-yrs ago and everyone laughed...but the city is on track to make it happen.

Is there a particular area of the city you'll be focused on? What economic indicators led you to decide to come to Columbus?

Let me know if you want to kick around some ideas when you make it to town. 

@Brandon Sturgill thank you. I have done some research into top expanding and emerging markets from PW/ULL and over the past few years Columbus has been continually growing and a hub for new migration among recent graduates and young professionals, which has contributed to my goal of working in the multifamily sector of the commercial real estate market. 

Within Columbus, I am very interested in the downtown area - brewery district through and especially including the area surrounding the Short North. 

Along with past growth, that I see continuing, I also know that Amazon still has Columbus as a potential location for HQ2. With their Prime Freight Hub being at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport I see the potential for HQ2 to be increasingly favoring Columbus or Indianapolis. Which would contribute heavily to the continued migration to the area. 

The venture investment to the area is also continuing to contribute to the growth of the area and I see that sustaining in the future. I am very excited about the growth of Columbus and am looking to move as quickly as possible! Would love to connect when I am able to get into town.