Where do I find my local investor’s club meetings

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@Nick Despotidis i am new to this.  i was told that the best way to get started is to start out wholesaling to raise my capital. Then once i have enough capital i can move on to what i really want to, witch is fix and flips, and buy and hold landlord.  Those are the two thing that I want most with this real estate game is Fix & Flips, and Landlord.  Is there a way that i can passably link up with you to learn and grow?  I am keeping my ear out for group meet ups, and once i find them i will let you know the details. 

@Dee Bullock ya they say wholesaling is where to start, but so is just working a full time job saving up from that and still do real estate after you get off. Thats what I did and now i have 2 investment properties 7 months into getting into this field. so just see what makes you comfortable and ya type on google real estate investing clubs and in your area there has to be a bunch of meetups!