Reliable delinquent rent collection company in Pennsylvania

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I am a landlord and I have 56 units in Pittsburgh, PA and I often come across scenario that tenant leaves without paying rent or I evict tenant, get judgement but can't collect the rent. I don't have much time to go after all the process of garnishment and so. Can anyone suggest a reasonably reliable tenant delinquent rent collection company? I don't want to hire a collection company who sends out one or two mail to the company or just make one or two phone call and close the case. I want them to try hard and finally report it to credit bureau. Your help would be highly appreciated.


If you get a judgement best bet is wage garnishment.  Even then they can switch jobs though.  Tough spot for sure, maybe look at adjusting screening criteria to improve chances of more responsible tenants.  Depends on your rentals/price and location though.

@Mohammad Akbar I would focus on buying in better areas and screening your tenants a little better. I have managed my own large portfolio for 25 years and its becoming a lot harder to evict tenants. Especially in Allegheny county. You can go after past due rent and damages but its very difficult and to be honest unless its a significant amount mist likely not worth your time.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion Alex and Eddie. I know that I should screen them better. Even then some tenants sometimes do it. Since I have delinquent rent already, I wanted to see if you know of any good local rent debt collection company who takes like say 30% or 40% of delinquent rent and give me rest by scaring the tenants about reporting to the credit bureau. Sometimes some tenants get scared by that and move. Sometimes they don't.