Newish investor couple in Pearland/Houston TX

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Hi everyone, we are looking to find people to connect with in our area. We live in Pearland,Tx but can drive to many surrounding areas. We bought our first single family home last November in south Texas and look forward to learning more for everyone!

Welcome aboard @Kassie Johnston

Not sure if you have tried any of these but here are some ideas.

1. {search real estate, REIA, Multifamily investing etc.}

2. At the top of this page under netwrok then events

3. General internet search for {insert town or area name} then REIA, Multifamily meet up, Investing Real estate Investing club etc.

4. Set up Keyword alerts for your town and nearby ones.

Hi Kassie,

Congrats on the first purchase! I have a sister in Pearland - they moved to the area about 1 year ago and she is also trying to connect with people in the area and begin investing.  I will PM you her email.  

I would agree with Neil on where to begin looking to connect with people.  


Hello @Kassie Johnston

Some months back we had started to put together a small, informal meetup in Pearland and unfortunately it has died down. It was certainly not because of lack of interest so perhaps we can try and getting going again. In the meantime I would be happy to chat anytime or setup a time to meet.

Hi Everyone! Are any of y'all a pro member yet? I am not able to set up a meet up event on the official page and would like to spread the word to more people...

My husband and I would like to set up a meet up NEXT Saturday, Sept. 15th @2pm I was thinking of BAKFISH Brewing Co. 1231 Broadway St. Pearland, TX 77581

Please let me know if you are interested!