Wholesaler deal question!

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I would say find someone in your area that is doing the work and learn from them. If you don't want to do that i say drive around the areas where you know investors are buying up property. Look for vacant or distressed homes (high grass, boarded windows ect) . Write down the address, skip trace the address. Cold call the owner. Most of the time the owner name and current address is on your county GIS website. Just make sure you get your numbers right so you can make a profit. Know how to get the ARV and what to subtract as far as repairs. In a nut shell, get leads, analyze your leads, pursue the lead (make an offer) then repeat. A mentor would be awesome to have to walk you through the process though. Every market is different.

@Jeremy Williams Hi I’m Marcus and I live in the Memphis area and would like to know if we could link up possibly and talk wholesaling. I just found out about this site today and happened to see that we are in the same area and wanted to drop you a quick message. Hope to talk to you soon.