CA real estate license online

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Looking for a real estate licensure school for California where subject lectures (not just cram session) can be viewed online at will. Is that a thing?

Any particular reason why you are looking for this @MOHAMED M. it probably does exist but there isn't much point to it.

My wife works a crazy volume and combination of hours not conducive to being there in person or classes on a regular day, but wants to be able to watch lectures because that’s her favored way to learn

There are a few online programs. I don't want to recommend any to avoid inadvertent advertising or promotion but a quick Google search will get you everything you need. The big difference I found between them- only a few will let you choose your elective course, most choose for you.

But skip the math as there is none on the state exam..

How about enrolling in one of the many California Community Colleges and take advantage of their distant learning (online) real estate program? That's what I am doing as the pace is working out very well. Also, I researched this opportunity before going this route and the cost will be unmatched to other programs that are being offered. 

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