Livermore Network and Market

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Hi Nick,

You will need to build relationships with local realtors. They will send you off-market deals but before you contact them and build a list. You need to be prepared as an investor on what you offer. Are you a cash buyer? Do you have a hard money lender lined up? What is your experience in flipping? How many deals have you done?

In a highly competitive market like the Bay Area, you as an investor need to answer these questions to get the deals.  If you can't my suggestion is to not burn any bridges with local realtors.  The worst thing to do is build a list spend the time nurturing the list and not able to perform.  

For example, I brought a new flipper an off-market deal.   Prior to me sending them the deal, I already knew they didn't know what they were doing and was all talk.  I sent it to them anyway just so I can see.  They didn't know what to do with the info and couldn't perform on the purchase.  I won't send them anything else now.  So it's important to keep good relations with agents.