1st time homebuyer in S. Tahoe in need of new real estate agent

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I currently have an RA, but in doesn't seem all that invested into helping me find a deal and could care less about helping me. I simply talking about sending me automatic email whenever something pops up on the MLS. He is however fairly connected in my market and has shown me a couple of potential off market deals although they were a bit out of my price range.

Should I stick with this guy and just be more aggressive/proactive with keeping in touch with him and asking him to setup automatic emails? Or should I look for a new RA?

I would love any and all feedback.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hey Andrew, 

I think that working with investors is somewhat of a niche group of RA’s here in Tahoe. As a Realtor myself, if I know a have an active investor I’m going to treat them differently than someone who is “just looking” I agree that drip campaigns are annoying especially if you are really looking for a deal. It is odd that he has shown you things outside your price range, that’s a little red flag for me. I don’t think being more aggressive would be a bad idea however. With the internet access buyers have, most average realtors are being phased out of participating in searching for homes. It’s important that your agent and you understand the relationship you want to have. My favorite saying of all time is “In business at the root of all conflict is the violation of expectations.” 

Real estate is such a broad field it’s really wise to get the opinion of a few realtors. The realtors who dabble in everything master nothing. For me personally I only work with investors and luxury home sales. That’s it. No condos, no cabins, no townhomes, no first time buyers (unless they are great to work with), no short sales. I love the investment side of real estate so that’s where my focus is, everything else is referred out.. long story short you may need a specific type of RA for your search if he’s not performing for you. 

Interview a few folks. Hope this helps 👍