Alabama State Unique Investor Must-Knows

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What are some things to know about Alabama State investing for an out-of-state investor?

Things I'm talking about are like increased property taxes for investors...

Water and Sewer paid by Landlord required...

Severe weather...

Etc. Thanks! 

@Aaron Moayed , you need to know Alabama Residential Landlord Tenant Act, third lowest property taxes in the United States, generally landlord-friendly court system, generally creditor-friendly laws, Fair Housing laws identical to federal laws with no extras, some municipalities now requiring inspections between tenant turnovers and a new CO, but usually fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain if you are a good landlord. Bankruptcy laws regarding exemptions are very ungenerous to debtors. 

Alabama statute says it's illegal to make landlord pay for tenant's unpaid water and sewer, but most landlords don't know that and most water boards pretend like the statute doesn't exist, so you really need to make a stink over it.  

Alabama real estate license law requires a license to manage single family rentals, unless you are managing your own. There are many small property managers who are operating illegally on this issue, so make sure you ask for proof of a real estate license. Apartment managers do not need a real estate license.

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