Questions about PM and unit turnover

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I have a question regarding property management and turn over time in regards to a SFH. My tenant left my property in July 1st. When my PM sent someone to inspect the property they said they needed "very minor repairs". Mainly repainting and getting a new door. The overall cost is $750. The work was supposed to start around 7/22 but the contractor said there was a death in the family and repairs will start on 7/30.I requested to have another contractor but the PM said it would take longer because they would have to get a new quote.

So I waited until yesterday, then I emailed the PM because a week went by and I never heard anything. The PM contacted the contractor and the contractor said the unit will be completed on 8/12.  

Now this is my second property and my first property took about two weeks to fix and market. When I inquired about why its taking so long the PM says because the contractor had a death in the family. I asked why it will take two weeks for a contractor to complete "very minor repairs" and she says that contractors have multiple projects that they are working on at any given time. She apologized for the process taking a long time but she said it was due to a death in the family.

Now so far this PM has been good and this is my first turnover with them. I have voiced my frustration several times and I am confused if this is normal or what. My questions are:

1. Is this timeframe reasonable taking in consideration there was a death in the family?

2. What suggestions do you have?

3. Am I over reacting and being inconsiderate?

Any insight would help thanks!

@Ramon Flores Not reasonable at all! It should not take 45 DAYS to do a simple unit turn that doesn't even top $1000. That's ridiculous. Sounds like they need to hire another maintenance person or do some temporary contracting with someone. Our unit turns typically do not exceed two weeks at the very most (major work).

You definitely have a right to be frustrated and annoyed!

Hey Ramon,

I agree with @Mike Dymski that having 1 contractor isn't sufficient. I manage properties and have multiple vendors for everything for situations just like this. Of course, it's not their fault that the contractor was going through a rough time, but a good property manager will have a network of people to manage these situations to keep everything seamless to the owner. 

Good luck!