Metro Detroit meet-up, who’s in?

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Would love to start a monthly meet-up somewhere centralized to the metro Detroit area.

Livonia, royal oak, Plymouth, Downtown? Any interest or suggestions.

I’ve heard @Joshua Dorkin loves it here!

Originally posted by @Travis Biziorek :

Detroit Renegades is a great meetup I got to monthly. It's held on the first Tuesday of the month at Shield's Pizza in Southfield.

Beyond that, I'd be interested in a small, 3-5 person "mastermind" of folks that are only investing in Detroit. 

What do you say @Keyonte Summers , @Ashley Hamilton , and @Alex K.?

 I’m game for that. I’ve been a part of that group for a while now and Unfortunately I haven’t been to a single meetup Yet and missed this week too. 

I am down for the Detroit one for sure though and we can combine resources and strategies and put some deals together. 

@Joe Doman I’m very close to DTP so I wouldn’t complain about that. It would be a middle area for Detroit & Ann Arbor. Quite a few good local places to meet up!

Originally posted by @Keyonte Summers :

@Travis Biziorek I’m in shields right around the corner from my W2 Job what time and day does the meet up usually occur? I’m on vacation near the end of August the master mind idea sounds great.

I’ll reach out soon, and we’ll get something together!

@Nathan Norway to everyone on this thread. What locations do you prefer? Would having something set up in Meetup be easiest to follow?

My thought is Livonia is pretty central and may have some decent locations, and some spots near Plymouth have great highway access!

I am also interested in lunch or afternoon mastermind in the Metro Detroit area.  I like downtown or Midtown because I am there often but there are many easy to access locations in the area.

Originally posted by @Ken Baker Jr. :

@Travis Biziorek

I’m not a “mastermind” in real estate yet but I would love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting if possible :)

A "mastermind" is just a small group of folks focused on a similar goal and at similar stages. Usually 3-5 people works best. The idea is to bounce ideas and potentially work with folks that are dealing with and facing the same challenges you are.