Recently passed my broker exam!

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As you could see from the title of the post I’ve recently passed my broker exam. I am in the process of researching real estate firm to get sponsored. I currently live in chicago, IL.

A little about me is I am a practicing architect full time, I am looking to get to the real estate market to better understand the business and build a network.

However I am a little lost about how should I go about picking a real estate firm. I am looking to get mentored and grow.

Any tips or leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Hi Wesam

It really comes down to defining what you want out of it,  If you are trying to make sales a career you would be looking for something different than if you want to be an investor that just wants to be able to get their own deals?

But as much as training and splits matter the biggest part is do you click with the staff at the brokerages and are your goals aligned with what they offer.  Remember you are interviewing the firms to hold your license they are not interviewing you for a job.  

With that being said If you want to look into my firm DM me and I would be happy to get you into contact with them.

Please do not say you passed your 'Broker's' exam...

You passed your 'salesperson's' exam.  Get your terminology correct lest folks think you don't know what's up.

Congratulations @Wesam Rahman ! I'm an Interior Designer and now a Broker too! A year ago I went through the same process. I chose my sponsoring broker because he has a contractor and offer constructions services for their clients, especially investor clients. Let's talk!

 @Marc Winter  Effective May 1, 2011 the Broker license category replaced the former Salesperson license category. The new Broker license has the same privileges of the previous Salesperson license category, but requires additional education to include 90 hours of pre-license education, 15 of which must be interactive (classroom or webinar) and 30 hours of post-license education.