Any Advice on Finding Local Real Estate Mentors?

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I'm entering my senior year of college and want to get into REI.

It’s easy to read books and understand concepts, but making a plan and working at it is a little more complicated.

Does anyone have any advice on finding someone local to work under for valuable real estate experience? Or how to get started in general?

@Russell Best

Best way to find a mentor is to make yourself valuable. What can you add to an investor’s business? Maybe that’s finding off market deals, putting out signs, etc.

If you can’t find a mentor, be your own. You honestly learn the most by just doing. Things won’t work, you’ll get discouraged but the key is consistency. All it takes to get started in real estate is hustle. You can find the money , the deals, partners, it all depends on how hard you work at the business.

Hope this helps.


You need to make yourself resourceful to get help from skilled experts. Most of the time you need to pay tuition as their time is valuable.  The only thing I can think of is is to get a realtor license paying your way through see if some real estate professionals are willing to share. 

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@Russell Best join your local REIA.

I chased down a real estate license, attended other meetups, read and researched, narrowly escaped the bite of a shark (be wary of shady people), chased my tail and too many squirrels (wasting my precious time), then found the network and education I wish I’d had from the start.

The REIA has by far been my best investment of time and money.